LinCon 2024

Help and explainations about the system

Buying tickets and merch

You need to have some kind of ticket to go to the convention, either by buying it or receiving as a perk for working at the convention. You can select a ticket type from Tickets and add it to your cart.

You can also buy tickets for other visitors, everyone who shall visit (except for small children) needs to create an account on the site to be able to receive it though. When you have purchased extra tickets you will get unique ticket activation links that you can send to your friend who shall receive them.

If you want to buy other things, like a branded merchandise , a sleeping spot, a t-shirt or other things, you can do so from the page Products.

To pay, go to the page Cart/Checkout. We only accept card payments before the convention.

All purchased products will be delivered at check-in in the reception at the convention.

If you are an event organizer or a worker, you do not need to buy a ticket. Contact the convention staff responsible for events or workers and they will assign a ticket to you.

Events and preregistrations

Some events have preregistration for their slots. To preregister for a slot, you will first need to have a valid ticket, as above.

To preregister for an event slot, first find the event using the Event list and go tot the events details. Down by the list of slots there is a preregistration button for those slots that have preregistration.

You can also see a list of all slots with preregistration on Event Slots and preregister directly from there.

If you're going to the convention with a group of friends, one of you can create a Team to help synchronize your event preregistrations. You can create a team from the page My teams and then invite other members using the team invite link you will see after creating a team. The person who creates the team becomes the team leader and will be able to preregister other team members to event slots. Note that team members need to have valid tickets before the leader can preregister them for event slots.

For free (gratis) slots you will be marked as preregistred immediately after clicking the register button for you, your team or your team members. For slots with a participation fee the slot booking will be placed in your shopping cart, just like products or tickets, and you are not considered as registred for the slot until the booking has been payed for.

As a team leader, you can pre-register your teams to team slots, both those with participation fees and free slots. An event slot can be either a team slot, for those one pre-registration is made for the entire team, or individual slots. For individual slots that are free/gratis, you as team leader can also register your team members to these, to help synchronize and plan your convention. It is however not possible to buy pre-registrations for individual slots with a fee for your team members. For those, each team member has to log in and buy it themselves.

Your schedule, choices and purchaes

You can always see all your tickets, preregistrations for event slots and product, both those bought by you and things assigned to you by event staff for instance on My Purchases.

If you are registred to any event slots, or scheduled to work on the convention, you can see your personal schedule on My Scheudle. On this page you can also find a link to an iCal URL that you can add to most calendar apps, like Google Calendar, Outlook and many others to see your schedule in your computer calendar or smart device.