LinCon 2024

Play a dissertation in history

Have you ever read a dissertation? Now you have hte opportunity of playing one! I'm a historian and board game designer who is exploring the opportunities in communicating historical research through the medium of board games. In July 2023 I received my PhD at Stockholm University on a dissertation on war captivity during the great northern war. That was the book - now I've turned the dissertation into a board game.

"I want to stay" is a cooperative board game for 3-6 players about war captivity in Sweden in the early eighteenth century. Your town is forced to receive prisoners of war and you are forced to navigate between state demands and the needs of the community. The fate of your town - as well as your personal ones - depend on how well you can ride this storm!

Play time, approximately one hour.


Sat 08:00 - Sat 20:00

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