LinCon 2024

Swedish Championship in Scythe


Swedish Championship in Scythe

Build star? Factory rush? Resource collector? Encounter frenzy?

First and hopefully not last the Swedish Championship is arranged at LinCon (non-swedish participants are welcome). The winner from last years tournament has a Golden Ticket to the final round.

10-13 Round 1
14-17 Round 2
18-21 Final

To reach the final round you play two games, round 1 and 2. Round 1 and 2 is played with the base game and the expansion Invaders from Afar. The winner in each game gets 8 points and second to seventh place gets 6 down to 1 point respectively. The six players with the highest total score joins the winner from last year in the final game. Same points = tie breaker according to the rules in round 2.

The final is played with Invaders from Afar and Wind Gambit and all available promo cards (encounter, mission, factory etc.).

Faction and player mat combos is randomly set and a simple bidding auction decides who plays with which combo. You bet coins and any winning bet is deducted on the total score in that game.

The champion gets the honor and a Golden Ticket to next years final round!



Fri 09:00 - Fri 22:00

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Individual pre-registration.

Plats för 8 spelare till.