LinCon 2024

Horus Heresy - The Bridgehead to Cthonia

The First Siege of Cthonia:

After the outbreak of the Horus Heresy, Dorn
would order the subjugation of Cthonia and
the suppression of its indigenous people, seeing
it as a stronghold of traitors on the doorstep
of Terra. The small garrison Horus had left to
watch over his home world was scattered, its
survivors disappearing into the trackless depths
of Cthonia to continue their resistance, while
the Imperial Fists contented themselves with
occupying the surface and orbital infrastructure.

A relic of the Age of Strife, Atlas was the name
given to the immense cable that linked the
surface to the orbital plates above. In long
lost ages it had served to make Cthonia a hub
of trade between Mankind’s ancient colonies,
moving vast amounts of cargo and passengers
to and from the orbiting ships.

Campaign goal
The Loyalist forces aim is to disconnect the terminal atlas, or at least make it temporarily unusable, for the planetary defenders in the oncoming grand invasion led by the Imperial fists.

We will use a own built simple campaign system, dividing the players into Loyalists and Traitors who need to plan, and act, as a team to win.

Primary defending factions are Sons of Horus, Word Bearers, Alpha legion, Thousand sons
Primary attacking factions are Imperial fists, Raven guard, Iron hands, Dark angels, Legio custodes.
The Game master will divide the players into the two teams, based on the above and to have an even field.

We have only 10 available spots, so pre-registration is mandatory.
Register by email to, state what faction you will be playing.

Bring the following:
one 1000 point list with only Infantry
one 2000 point list (no Primarchs)
one 3000 point list (if you bring a Primarch, also bring a sideboard to be able to play a 3000 point battle without the Primarch).

All painted and based.

Saturday 11th of May

08:30 Start
3 Battles to be played in different theaters of war.
Latest 20:00 End and applause for the team that won.
We will have lunch break around 12-13 and shorter breaks between the battles.


Sat 08:30 - Sat 20:00

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No session pre-registration.