LinCon 2022

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Gaming room with game demos and focus on games from Kickstarter and other crowdfunding projects in recent years. This years, we plan on bringing at least Street Fighter, Hellboy, Otto, Nemesis Lockdown, Dungeonology and the re-released Swedish classic Drakborgen. If they're delivered in time for LinCon, we also plan on having Wolfenstein, Arkeis, Everrain. And a dozen or so other games.

Seriösa spelbaren bjuder på en stor samling nya och gamla brädspel. Många av dem är av den tyngre och komplexare sorten. Allt från Brass eller Dune:Imperium till Wingspan.
Vi lär ut dem alla.

Spelsällskapet Myran tillhandahåller spelbar.


I S.A.R.Z. Spelbar hittar du många spännande och annorlunda spel att testa!
Alltid med några av vårens nyheter hittar du här!
Kom och spela med oss!


Red Goblin's Gamestore

The Goblin has most things in games, such as board games, role-playing games, figure games, card games and accessories for these as well as single cards for Magic the Gathering and more.

During LinCon we will arrange demos in various games, side events in Magic (Flashback Drafts and Vintage Cube Drafts) and Trygg-Torkel tournament.

If you want us to bring a special product to you at LinCon, you can easily place an order in our web shop select "Pick up in store" and write "LinCon" as a message in the shopping cart.

Regarding Games Workshops products, we have at least 10% lower price than on their website and a price guarantee on the cheapest regular price among Swedish stores. In addition to the additional discount for larger purchases.

Warm welcome! // Happy and Schlurpas