LinCon 2020

Horus Heresy 30K - The Slaughter at Vocatus

City Fight

The Slaughter at Vocatus is a 1500 points Centurion style narrative event. Centurion games represent smaller actions, insurgency, assassinations and tactical skirmishes. For the Slaughter at Vocatus you will only be able to field an army using the City Fight Force Organisation chart together with the Incursion and Entrenched Force rules and restrictions from Book IV Conquest. Note that only the Entrenched Force may take Fortifications.

As part of the Varangian Heresy Event Series you need to field an infantry character from your HQ choice as part of your force as your Warlord. This Warlord will use character progression and will be part of your army throughout the Event series.

Infantry, Walkers, and Speeders should be the focus of your army and the event has the following limitations to help recreate the narrative of the bloody street fighting for the multiple Hive Cities on Vocatus:

No special characters are allowed. No Preators, Lord Marshals, Planetary Overlords or Archmagos Magus Prime and No Phospex what so ever! Fliers (including flying monstrous creatures), Drop Pods, Super heavies and Lords of War are not allowed. The following units are also restricted:
• Bikes 0-1
• Attack Bikes 0-1
• Jet Bikes 0-1
• Artillery 0-1 unit of 1 model only
• Monstrous Creatures 0-1 unit of 1 model only
• Leviathan Siege Dreadnoughts 0-1 unit of 1 model only
• Tank 0-1 (that is 1 Vehicle only - no squadrons(!), with an armour value of no higher than 13 on any facing).

Example: A player fields a Command Squad and gives them all bikes. The player have now used up its 0-1 choice on bikes.
During the event, Traitor and Separatist players will use the Incursion Force rules AND Loyalist will use the Entrenched Force rules. For further information about the event please read the players pack and follow the Event page on Facebook.


  • lör 09:00 - lör 22:00
    • P44
    • R43

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